Welcome to Community education forum

We're a grassroots charity based in Hammersmith and Fulham and we strongly believe community-based educational programs can have a transformational effect on community and social cohesion. 

Who We Are

Community Education Forum (CEF) was established in 1999 to identify and support the social, educational, training, health, economic and developmental needs for young people and their families in West London.

We are a grass root community-led organisation and charity. Our work focuses on developing and delivering community-led projects that help develop the social, educational and economical needs of the community.


What We Do


— We support

Woman in domestic violence relationships.


— We Build Networks

To establish an educational consortium for community education and training.


— We Strengthen

We strengthen ties with the community by providing information and advice on employment, training, education and careers. 


— We Educate

Educate and support refugee woman in improving their literacy and numeracy skills through ESOL and numeracy classes.


— We Support Young Offendersmestic violence 

Support and build relationship with young offenders while they are in prison and then provide further the intensive support on release as the period of transition from custody to community can often be extremely challenging, particularly for individuals lacking support.


— We Mentor

We mentor and run a supplementary school for young people aged 5-18 years  helping them to improve their educational attainment at key stage 1-5.

Impact Stories

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Project Wayeel

Community Education Forum (CEF)  was awarded a grant to run a day centre for elderly people within the Somali community. CEF  saw that there was a need from this community as they were underserviced when it it came to elderly care in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The project started in July 2019 and ran until March 2020. The project was initially designed to run  for 12 weeks. However, as we had a positive response from the service users, we extended it to 24 weeks. We were able to do this because we changed the project from running two days a week into running for one day a week.  


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